Geologic-floristic setting of the Mazovian Interglacial sites in Wilczyn and Lipnica in southern Podlasie (eastern Poland) and their palaeogeographic connections

Krzysztof Bińka, Leszek Lindner, Jerzy Nitychoruk


The paper presents the results of pollen and geological analyses from two interglacial lake at Wilczyn and Lipnica. Geological studies in the Podlasie region have shown that a genesis of some fossil lakes can partly be related to the neotectonic structures (Wilczyn). The genesis and the existence of the other ones was dependent mainly on a course of climate conditions (Lipnica). In the pollen diagrams local pollen zones typical for Mazovian Interglacial have been distinguished. The course of the interglacial plant succession with Holsteinian sea-level change has been compared. The change of water level and trophic conditions were discussed.

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