Pleistocene of the Mrągowo Lakeland

Stanisław Lisicki


Eight glaciations were distinguished in the study area, including: the Narevian, the Nidanian, the Sanian, the Vilgian, the Liviecian, the Odranian, the Wartanian, and the Vistulian, separated by sediments of seven interglacials: the Podlasian, the Małopolanian, the Ferdynandovian, the Mazovian, the Zbójnian, the Lublinian, and the Eemian. Only the Mazovian Interglacial is univocally documented in respect of its position by results of palynologic study. Deposits of red clay complex belonging to the Vilgian Glaciation form an important stratigraphic horizon. Lacustrine and fluvial sediments of the Mazovian Interglacial occurring within the Mrągowo Lakeland were penetrated to their base in 12 boreholes that have been drilled with the view of collecting data for mapping and further study. 14 glacial till horizons of different age were distinguished; all were analyzed to define petrographic features of their lithotypes.

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