The Ordovician lithostratigraphy of the Peribaitic Depression (NE Poland)

Zdzisław Modliński, Bronisław Szymański


Proposal of the lithostratigraphical division ofthe Ordovician, epicontinental, clastic-carbonate deposits in Polish part of the Peribaltic Depression is presented. It is based entirely on the sections of deep boreholes. 15 lithostratigraphical units have been distinguished and defined within the Ordovician sequence, including 10 formations and 5 members. 5 formations have been created in the eastern and 5 in the western part of the depression. The lithology, stratigraphical position and palaeontological data of particular units are presented. Their boundaries have been established and stratotypical sections are proposed. Controversial aspects of the bio-and chronostratigraphy of the proposed division were pointed out.

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