Preliminary results of thermal alteration investigations of the Cambrian acritarchs in the Holy Cross Mts.

Zbigniew Szczepanik


Analyses comparing thermal alteration degree between main tectonic units of the Holy Cross Mts. were performed. Results indicate a distinctive heating increase of the Cambrian organic matter from the south to the north. The Lower Cambrian acritarch assemblages from the Dyminy-Klimontow Anticlinorium indicate the temperatures not exceeding 80ºC. The maximum temperature influencing the Cambrian deposits of the Kielce-Łagów Synclinorium varies from less than 80ºC to significantly exceeding 100ºC. In the Łysogóry area a significant thermal alteration of the Cambrian acritarchs suggests that the maximum temperature significantly exceeded l00ºC, locally even 300ºC.

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