Sedimentary basin analysis of the Polish Lowlands -an introduction

Marek Narkiewicz


The project "Sedimentary basin analysis of the Polish Lowlands" has been designed as a vehicle for introducing research strategy of the basin analysis to Polish regional geological studies and hydrocarbon potential assessment on a basin scale. The project has been accomplished during October 1994 to September 1996 by a team of collaborators from the Polish Geological Institute (M. Narkiewicz, leader), Academy of Mining an Metallurgy (M. Kotarba, principal investigator), Geological Bureau GEONAFTA (L. Antonowicz, principal investigator), Oil and Gas Institute (J. Kruczek, principal investigator). Five epicontinental basins have been studied: Devonian, Carboniferous, Rotliegend, Zechstein and Mesozoic. Broad spectrum of methods has been adopted, including: sedimentological and sequence-stratigraphic techniques, sophisticated analyses of source and reservoir rocks, organic maturity measurements (Ro, CAl, Tmax), quantitative subsidence analysis, and numerical modelling of hydrocarbon generation processes.

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