A new occurrence of benthic fauna in the Niewachlów Greywackes (Upper Silurian) from Zalesie near Łagów in the Holy Cross Mountains

Wojciech Kozłowski, Ewa Tomczykowa


In the Bardo Syncline in Zalesie near Łagów, there occur numerous assemblages of benthic fauna which correspond to a fauna from Gruchawka and Jurkowice. The predominant trilobite group occurs with graptolites of the Bohemograptus bohemicus Zone. The Niewachlów Greywackes, and other deposits corresponding to them in the Holy Cross Mountains containing Baliozoma erraticum (Schrank), are included by the authors to the Lower Siedlce unit (Upper Ludlow).


Holy Cross Mts.; Kielce Region; Silurian; biostratigraphy; trilobites

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