Geologic setting and palynologic examination of the Vistulian sediments at Koźmin near Turek, central Poland

Jacek Forysiak, Grażyna Miotk-Szpiganowicz, Joanna Petera


Several alternating organic-mineral and mineral beds of the Vistulian, accumulated by a braided river, are recorded from outcrops of the Adamów open-cast mine. They have considerable lateral extension and are underlain by the Wartanian till. Sedimentary structures and lithologic analyses prove varying-energy conditions during formation of the mineral series. The organic-mineral series (organic silts and peats) is an effect of a low-energy flow. Palynologic examination does not allow to establish the age relationship between these sediments and particular warmings during the Vistulian.


central Poland; Late Pleistocene; Vistulian; fluvial deposits; organic deposits; pollen analysis

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