New approach to stratigraphy of palaeolake and glacial sediments of the younger Middle Pleistocene in mid-eastern Poland

Leszek Lindner, Leszek Marks


Basing on 10 key sections from mid-eastern Poland, the three interglacials (Mazovian, Zbójnian and Lubavian, which follow the Sanian 2 (Wilgian) Glaciation and precede the Wartanian, are separated from one another by two glacial episodes. The older is the Liviecian Glaciation and the younger is the Krznanian Glaciation (named after the River Krzna). The Krznanian Glaciation occupies a stratigraphic location of the previous Odranian Glaciation. The latter is postulated to be incorporated into the Wartanian Glaciation as the maximum stadial. Such stratigraphic subdivision of the younger Middle Pleistocene of Poland indicates a very close relationship to the most recent stratigraphic schemes of glacial and interglacial units in Germany and in the Russian Plain.


mid-eastern Poland; Middle Pleistocene; Mazovian Interglacial; Krznanian Glaciation; stratigraphy; palaeogeography

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