Stratigraphy of the section Antaviliai, eastern Lithuania, and its implication for the Upper Weichselian climatostratigraphic subdivision

Jonas Satkunas, Galina Hutt


The Antaviliai section in eastern Lithuania was known so far as a site bearing sediments attributed to the Antaviliai Interstadial. placed stratigraphically between the Gruda (Brandenburg) and Ziogeliai (Frankfurt) Stadials. The section Antaviliai has been studied in 1989-1991 by the authors, including drilling of 6 boreholes, structural-textural examination and thermoluminescence datings of lacustrine sediments in the outcrop, lithostratigraphic identification of the overlying and the underlying tills. Assuming conditions of occurrence, palynological characteristics and thermoluminescence age, the Antaviliai Interstadial can be most likely correlated with the Drenthian-Warthian Interstadial. So far, in Lithuania as well as in other Baltic countries there is still not found any site with reliably determined the Upper Weichselian interstadial or interphasial deposits. Therefore stadials, phases and interstadials have no proper climatostratigraphic background in the Baltic states and the Late Weichselian at present can be subdivided only into lithostratigraphic units.


Lithuania; Late Weichselian; Drenthian-Warthian Stage; stratigraphy; interstadials; thermoluminescence dates

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