Large-scale erosional channels in the Lower Cambrian sandstones, Gieraszowice environs (Kielce Block, Holy Cross Mts.)

Włodzimierz Mizerski, Stanisław Orłowski, Andrzej Przybycin, Katarzyna Skurek-Skurczyńska


Unique erosional channels of meridional strike have been recognized in the Lower Cambrian sandstones (Ociesęki Sandstone Formation) at Gieraszowice village within the Klimontów Anticlinorium (Kielce Block). These channels have been interpreted as "storm-cut cross-shelf channels" related to the undertow induced by strong storm waves (waves generated by a series of submarine seismic shocks) during deposition of the Cambrian sediments within a shelf zone. It is highly probable that earthquakes occurring in short time intervals generated the current which eroded the channels. After the deepest channel had been formed the earthquakes led to a sliding of partly consolidated sediments onto its floor.


Holy Cross Mts.; Lower Cambrian; erosion; erosional channels; turbidity currents; debris flow

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