New tabulate coral from the Tournaisian of the Dębnik Anticline, Poland

Aleksander Nowiński, Mikołaj Zapalski


Verolites polonicus sp.n. (Tabulata, Syringoporida) from the Lower Carboniferous (Upper Toumaisian, Lower Caninia - Cl) of the Silesia-Cracow Upland (Dębnik Anticline, Czatkowice quarry) is described and illustrated. This is the third species of the poorly known genus Verolites Tchudinova. The new species differs from the type species (V. rarus Tchudinova) in subcerioidal structure of corallum composed of prismatic corallites with smaller and undifferentiated diameters, greater number of connecting pores of smaller diameters, very rare connecting tubes, lack of connecting platforms, and more strongly developed spines on tabulae.


Silesia-Cracow Upland; Dębnik Anticline; Late Toumaisian; Tabulata; Syringoporida; Verolites polonicus sp.n.; morphology

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