Devonian stratigraphy and depositional environments in proximity of the Sub-Carpathian Arch: Lachowice 7 well, southern Poland

Marek Narkiewicz


The Devonian interval in the Lachowice 7 deep well section has been subdivided into six lithostratigraphic units representing probable Upper Emsian (unit A), Middle Devonian (units B and C) to almost entire Frasnian (units D-F). Middle to Upper Devonian facies are interpreted as deposited in proximal or central parts of an attached carbonate platform or ramp. Correlations with sections situated to the north support earlier concepts of southward shallowing of depositional environments towards the Sub-Carpathian Arch. At the same time, patterns of thickness and facies changes suggest that the Devonian basin extended at least few tens of kilometres to the south of the present erosional edge beneath the Carpathian thrust sheets.

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