Evidences of influence of tectonics on hydrogeological conditions in the light of results of reflection method

Tadeusz Krynicki, Jakub Galemba


Variations of wave image: on seismic profiles are frequently observed at intersections of seismic profiles with boundaries of hydrogeological units or even of surface watersheds. Character of these variations indicates that the occurrence of tectonic disturbance zones or zones of rock looseness is the reason why the said variations appear. Determination of the role of tectonic disturbance zone in formation of hydrogeological conditions depends on the quality and quantity of data acquired. Results of reflection method constitute important sources of information on tectonics; however, their applicability to hydrogeological studies has not yet been assessed in full. Therefore, this paper will be focussed on justification of purposes of application of reflection method to some hydrogeological problems; this attempt will be based on exemplary reflection survey results contained in the report by J. Brauer, W. Kulig (1991).

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