Petrology and lithofacies of the Tremadoc epicontinental-marine siliciclastic sequence in the Lublin area (SE Poland)

Bronisław Szymański


Results of lithological, petrographical and chemical analyses of the transgressive-regressive sediments of Tremadoc series are presented based on 17 borehole sections from the Lublin area. The studied sequence predominantly comprises siliciclastic rocks of various grain sizes. Nonterrigenous rocks are of minor importance. These include carbonates (limestones, dolomitic limestones) and siliceous rocks (chalcedonites). A dominant part of the terrigenous sequence is composed of medium- and fine-grained sandstones of dense grain framework and textural features characteristic for quartz arenites. Sandstones belonging to "wacke" group occur less frequently mainly in sections from the southern part of the region. Intensive pre-Arenig erosion is accepted as a dominant reason for incomplete stratigraphic record of the Tremadoc in the investigated sections.


Tremadoc; petrology, clastic rocks; carbonates; chalcedonites; SE Poland (Lublin region).

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