New petrological data on carbonate mineralogy in the Middle Jurassic siliciclastic deposits of the Kujawy region (Polish Lowlands)

Anna Maliszewska


Carbonate minerals present in bioclasts, ooids, cements and veinlets of the Middle Jurassic rocks from the Kujawy area have been studied in detail. It has been found that the bioclasts are built of calcite and manganese calcite replaced by ferroan calcite, ankerite and minerals from the siderite group. Chamosite - the primary component of the ooids - is often replaced by siderite and magnesium siderite or ankerite. Cements of sandstones and mudstones are mainly built of ankerite while fillings of the veinlets - of ankerite and ferroan calcite. Widespread cementation with iron, calcium and magnesium carbonates as well as associated metasomatosis of grains and cements are related mainly to activity of salt tectonics.


diagenetic cementation; calcite; ankerite; sideroplesite; siderite; Middle Jurassic; Kujawy region

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