Selected hydrogeological parameters calculated for Tatric vaucluse springs

Grzegorz Barczyk, Włodzimierz Humnicki, Grażyna Żurawska


The analysis of the drying up curves is essential for the recognition of hydroregime in the Tatra karst areas. The most of big springs and karst springs are characterized by the drying up curves having two parts with the completely different slope of the curve. The steep section represents, according to this interpretation, a local groundwater basin, and the section with mild slope represents a regional water basin. For the karst springs selected the calculations of the average underground outflow have been made using various methods. The basic outflow, average "drying up" coefficient and QRO from Mangin formula have been estimated as well.


Tatra karst area; vaucluse springs; underground outflow; drying up curves

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