Analysis of the fault pattern in selected areas of the Polish Outer Carpathians

Leonard Mastella, Ewa Szynkaruk


Fault pattern was studied in selected areas of the Polish Outer Carpathians. The study was based on the author's own mapping data, radar images and the Geological Map of Poland 1:200 000. A dense and regular fault pattern is present in all the studied areas. It consists of two sets of faults diagonal to the strike of the main tectonic structures, DR and DL and a set P of less common transverse faults T. The azimuths of the set T faults correspond approximately to the azimuths of the d1 axis of the DR and DL system. The azimuths change accordingly to the bending of the Carpathian arc, from ca. 40° in the east to ca. 175° in the west. All the fault sets dissect the regional structures and their overthrust planes, which indicates that the faults formed after folding and overthrusting of the nappes.


Carpathians; conjugate fault sets; faults; fault pattern; photointerpretation; radar images; tectonics

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