Evolution of the Holy Cross segment of the Mid-Polish Trough during the Cretaceous

Maciej Hakenberg, Jolanta Świdrowska


Facies and thickness patterns of consecutive Cretaceous stages have been interpreted in the Holy Cross segment of the Mid-Polish Trough. The study has been based on detailed analysis of available materials concerning stratigraphy and lithology of the Cretaceous deposits. Regions characterized by similar vertical lithofacies succession for each Cretaceous stage have been distinguished and can be related to different depositional environments. An axial part of the basin has been defined, the location and role of synsedimentary faults have been determined and variability of the basins transversal asymmetry has been characterized. The importance of the sandy material influx in the uppermost Cretaceous has been analysed. Main tectonic pulse, leading to an increase of subsidence rate and controlled by the fault activity, took place in the Turonian.


Mid-Polish Trough; Cretaceous basin; basin analysis; thickness facies; bounding faults; synsedimentary faults; subsidence

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