New data on interglacial sediments at Zakrucze near Małogoszcz, the Holy Cross Region

Leszek Lindner, Anna Rzętkowska-Orowiecka


Recent palynological examination of lake sediments from Zakrucze near Małogoszcz indicates possible correlation to the Mazovian Interglacial. These sediments fill a fluvial-karstic depression, incised in tills of the South-Polish Glaciations (Sanian 1 and Sanian 2). Lake sediments are located in extraglacial zone of the Middle-Polish Glaciations (Odranian and Wartanian), and are mantled with glaciofluvial series of the first of these glaciations and with younger fluvial-slope deposits.


Holy Cross Mts.; Pleistocene; Mazovian Interglacial; lake sediments; pollen analysis

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