Devonian depositional architecture in central segment of the Lublin Trough: preliminary results of integrated seismic and borehole study

Piotr Krzywiec, Marek Narkiewicz


Seismostratigraphic analysis of two selected seismic lines coupled with sedimentological and Stratigraphic investigations of four deep wells allows for putting forward a revised depositional model for the Middle to Upper Devonian predominantly carbonate succession in the central part of the Lublin Trough. The upper Fransian carbonate ramp prograded towards the north-east over the relatively thin and widespread Middle Devonian to lower Frasnian cycles. The lower Famennian shelf-basin fill consists of carbonate-shaly clinoforms also prograding towards the depocentral axis. The proposed model has important implications for a distribution of source-rocks related to distal condensed portions of the lower Famennian clinoforms and, probably, to distal part of the upper Frasnian ramp.


Devonian; Lublin Trough; carbonates; seismic stratigraphy; T-R cycles; source rocks

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