Microscopic identification and classification of organic matter of the Upper Carboniferous Anthracosia Shales, Intra-Sudetic Depression, southwestern Poland

Grzegorz J. Nowak


Detailed microscopic studies of dispersed organic matter in the lower horizon of the Anthracosia Shales (uppermost Carboniferous) from the Intra-Sudetic Depression show that liptinite, especially telalginite and lamalginite, are the most abundant components here. Organic components together with mineral matter constitute the lacustrine sapropelic association, humic association (terrestrial) and intermediary association. The measurements of vitrinite reflectance demonstrate that organic matter has reached the mature stage (Ro = O.68-0.93%). The character and predominance of alginite and the lacustrine sapropelic association indicate that these deposits were accumulated in an open-lacustrine zone.

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