Metamorphic rocks in the basement of the Carpathians between Bielsko-Biała and Cracow

Władysław Moryc, Wiesław Heflik


The petrological studies revealed characteristics of the metamorphic rocks in the Lachowice-Stryszawa-Ślemień area. It has been shown basing on the macro- and microscopic observations, thermal and chemical analyses that these rocks display features of metapsamites (locally metagreywackes) and metapelites, which are the products of the lowest grade of metamorphism - the greenschists facies. In the geological part of the paper the structural system of the erosional surface of the crystalline rocks as well as an extent of the sediments older than Miocene (Fig. 1) is analysed. The crystalline basement of the Bielsko-Biała-Cracow region is discordantly covered with the younger sediments of different geological systems. With respect to their age, the metamorphic rocks studied correspond to the Cadomian or even older orogeny.

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