Main stratigraphical units of the Pleistocene in southeastern Poland and the northwestern Ukraine, and their correlation in Western and mid-eastern Europe

Leszek Lindner, Józef Wojtanowicz, Andrey B. Bogutsky


Basing on key sections of glacial, lake, fluvial and loessy sediments (the latter t with palaeosols), 15 main stratigraphical units of the Pleistocene were descried and correlated for the area of southeastern Pland and northwestern Ukraine. Eight of these units represent glaciations (Narevian, Nidanian, Sanian I, Sanian 2, Livecian, Odranian, Wartanian and Vistulian), and seven are interglacials (Podlasian, Małopolanian, Ferdynandovian, Mazovian, Zbójnian, Lublinian and Eemian). Extents of Scandinavian ice-sheets in this area are presented during the described glaciations, accompanied by tentative correlation to the main stratigraphical units of the pre-Pleistocene and Pleistocene in western and mid-eastern Europe.

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