Chemical and mineralogical alteration in the Rutki-Ligota basalts: Tertiary Volcanic Formation, Lower Silesia

Zdzisław Adamczyk, Tomasz Mączyński, Józef Komraus


The paper shows chemical alterations of the Rutki-Ligota basalt deposit of the Tertiary Volcanic Formation of Lower Silesia. The investigations indicate that the chemical alterations of basalts result from their textures and variations in mineral composition. The results of mineralogic studies of basalt suggest varied alteration processes: serpentinization, iddingsitization, uralitization and carbonatization. Same of products of these alterations (largely amphiboles and iron hydroxides) were identified using Mossbauer spectroscopy. The results of the studies indicate the usefulness of the Rutki-Ligota basalts not only in breakstone but also in mineral wool production.


Lower Silesia; Tertiary; basalts; chemical composition; serpentinization; iddingsitization; uralitization; carbonatization

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