The Middle and Late Pleistocene glacial-interglacial succession of eastern Belarus

Irina E. Pavlovskaya Pavlovskaya


Detailed geological and palaebotanical study of about 400 boreholes through Quaternary deposits in eastern Belarus has enabled the recognition of a number of Middle and Late Pleistocene interglacial sites and demonstrated the stratigraphical position of Alexandrian (Holstelnian) and Muravian (Eemian) Interglacial sediments. These stratigraphic markers are separated by a single glacial sequence, corresponding to the Dnieper (Saalian) Glaciation. This contradicts previous views suggesting the occurrence of two glaciations during the Late Middle Plelstocene in eastern Belarus (Dnieper and Sozh). The glacial sediments represent the recession phases of a glacial stage that may be correlated with the Drenthe Substage of the Saalian Glaciation.


Belarus; Middle Pleistocene; Late Pleistocene; Dnieper Glaciation; stratigraphy.

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