The age and geological setting of Pleistocene glacigenic beds around the border between Poland and Belarus

Leszek Lindner, Svetlana D. Astapova


Pleistocene glacigenic sediments around the Polish-Belarussian border arc correlated. Tills of the Narevian Glaciation are present in both countries, are those in Poland possibly being order. Within the oldcr South Polish Glaciations (Elstcril1ll) there is no definite evidence of deposits of the Nidanian Glaciation in Belarus, though the younger of these glaciations (Sanian 1 and 2), seem to correspond to the Berezinian Glaciation sensu lato (Yaseldinian and Berezinian sensu stricto). During the older Middle Polish Glaciations (Saalian), comprising two glaciations (Liviccian, Krzanian), the Scandinavian ice sheets occupied Polish territory only. Till of the Odranian + Wartanian Glaciation in Poland is correlated with till of the Dnieperian Glaciation in Belarus. There are similar deposits of the Vistulian Glaciation (Poozerian) in both countries.


Poland; Belarus; Pleistocene; tills; stratigraphic correlation

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