Palaeomagnetism of Permian through Early Triassic sequences in central Spitsbergen: contribution to magnetostratigraphy

Jerzy Nawrocki, Jacek Grabowski


A total of 297 samples for palaeomagnetic studies were collected from Upper Gzhelian through Spathian sediments of the Isfjorden area (central Spitsbergen). In spite of extensive Cenozoic remagnetisation the studied rocks yielded palaeomagnetic poles and magnetostratigraphy. Almost all Permian samples were reversely magnetised during Kiaman superchron. Normal-polarity samples appear in the Ufimian and Kazanian sediments. The topmost samples from the Kapp Starostin Formation (Upper Permian) contain reverse polarity. The magnetic polarity record noted in the Early Triassic (Griesbachian-Spathian) sequences is fully convergent with magnetic polarity schemes obtained in the Canadian Arctic and Deltadalen type section.


Spitsbergen; Permian-Early Triassic; magnetostratigraphy; correlation.

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