The local magnetostratigraphic scale for the supra-evaporitic Miocene deposits in the northern part of Carpathian Foredeep and its stratigraphic implications (drill-core Jamnica S-119)

Elżbieta Król, Maria Jeleńska


The purpose of this study -to elaborate the local magnetostratigraphic sequence in the complete Jamnica S-119 core of Miocene marine sediments representing the time span from the Upper Badenian to Late Sarmatian/beginning of Pannonian(?), has been solved positively. The obtained results fulfill 6 of 10 criteria deciding about the proper quality of magnetostratigraphic data. The ferrosulphides - greigite and smythite - being the carriers of chemical magnetic remanence of secondary origin, had been identified for the first time in the examined Miocene sediments in Poland. Although the remanent magnetization has the secondary character -it has been acquired in short time after deposition of studied sequence of sediments - the obtained polarity sequence of the Earth magnetic field correlates properly with the fragment of the Global Polarity Time Scale between polarity chrones C3Br.3r and C5n.2n (~7.4-10.7 Ma). In spite of conducting the additional biostratigraphic studies of the investigated profile in the frame of this project there still exists unsolved question of the more precise location of the stratigraphic boundaries between the substages of the Middle Miocene against the time scale.


Paratethys; Carpathian Foredeep; Miocene; magnetostratigraphy; rock magnetism

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