Palaeoenvironmental and sedimentological interpretations of the palynofacial analysis of the Miocene deposits from the Jamnica S-119 borehole (Carpathian Foredeep, Poland)

Przemysław Gedl


Analysis of the palynofacies from the Miocene deposits from the Jamnica S-119 borehole allows to reconstruct the palaeoenvironmental and sedimentological conditions prevailing during deposition of the Machów Formation and upper part of the Baranów Beds in the northern part of the Carpathian Foredeep. Relatively shallow-marine environment during the sedimentation of the lower part of the Pecten Beds was replaced by a more off-shore setting in its upper part. The boundary between the Pecten Beds and the Krakowiec Clays reflects a major sea level fall and/or an increase in salinity and terrestrial matter influx. The lower part of the Krakowiec Clays was deposited as a pelagic sediment in a deep-water off-shore marine setting, whereas younger deposits of this unit are a result of deltaic sedimentation under reduced salinity.


Carpathian Foredeep; Miocene; palynofacies; dinocysts; palaeoenvironment

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