Bismuth minerals of the Beregovo ore field: mineral assemblages and spatial zonation (Transcarpathian, Ukraine)

Sergey Biruk, Leonid Skakun


New compositional data on Bi-mineralization from ores of epithermal gold-(+/-copper)-silver-base metal deposits of the Beregovo ore fieId in the Ukraine are presented. The Bi-minerals are deveIoped at deep Ievels of these deposits and occupy narrow zones at the limits of the ore bodies. Bi-sulphosalts form a temporal range (from early to late) of Ag-Pb-Bi and Ag-Cu-Pb-Bi (+/-Pb-Cu-Bi) and Bi2S3. Bi-minerals escaped from destruction during successive processes owing to their occurrence in a dense quartz matrix. Spatially Bi-minerals escaped as a frontal zone of massive chalcopyrite aggregates


Transcarpathian; epithermal deposits; bismuth mineralization

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