Glaciotectonic features in Lithuania

Paulius Aleksa, Albertas Bitinas


Systematic investigations of glaciotectonic features in Lithuania started in 1994. The first glaciotectonic review map of Lithuania has been carried out as a constituent part of the glaciotectonic map of central Europe. Two groups of landforms linked with glaciotectonic structures (composite ridges and massifs, drumlins and flutings) have been distinguished. Distribution of the pre-Quaternary megablocks in the Quaternary deposits is presented also, and the number of megablocks composed of rocks of different age and lithology is directly proportional to their extension in the sub-Quaternary surfnce. The other more detailed investigations of glaciotectonic features in Lithuania are connected with regular geologicaI mapping in scale of 1:50,000. Results of the first detailed studies of glaciotectonic features (folds, thrust faults, diapirs) investigated in two outcrops in southeastern Lithuania and in the Lithuanian maritime region are presented in the paper.


Lithuania; Quaternary; glaciotectonics; megablock; thrust fault; diapir

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