Petrology and geochemistry of rapakivi-type granites from the crystalline basement of NE Poland

Bogusław Bagiński, Jean-Clair Duchesne, Jacqueline Vander Auwera, Hervé Martin, Janina Wiszniewska


80 rock samples from drill-cores at 8 localities in the Mazury complex (Polish part of the crystalline East European Craton), representing rock types from monzodiorites to leucogranites, were studied for major, trace and REE elements by XRF and ICP-MS methods. The range in composition of the investigated rocks varies from 46 to 76% SiO2 contents. All of them show similar REE distributions, which suggests that they are genetically linked. They also plot along a major trend with many similarities to the jotunitic liquid line of descent defined in AMCG rocks from Rogaland (Norway). Each group of rocks has however its own specific pattern of elements.



Mazury complex; rapakivi-type granites; jotunite; granite modelling

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