New ornithischian dinosaur footprints in the Jurassic of Poland

Gerard Gierliński, Elżbieta Gaździcka, Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki, Grzegorz Pieńkowski


New stratigraphic horizons with the ornithischian footprints have been found in central Poland. Basal thyreophoran ichnites are reported from the middle Hettangian Skłoby Formation of Gromadzice. They support the previous conclusion that small and medium-sized Early Jurassic ornithischians preferred a coastal habitat with low-rise vegetation. Another find, an ornithopod footprint, came from the early Kimmeridgian Głowaczów Formation of Ożarów quarry. The track was discovered within the shallow-marine succession of calcareous deposits, which contributes to the interpretation of synsedimentary emersion of that area during the early Kimmeridgian.



Poland; Hettangian; Kimmeridgian; Ornithischia; dinosaurs; footprints

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