Radioactivity of the Baszkówka meteorite

Małgorzata Biernacka, Krzysztof Isajenko, Paweł Lipiński, Alfred Żak


In January 1996 a fragment, and in May 1996 a cut slab of the Baszkówka meteorite, were delivered for the radioactivity analysis to the Dosimetry Department of the Central Laboratory for Radiological Protection (CLOR) in Warsaw. The measurement method was gamma spectrometry using HPGe (High Purity Germanium) detectors. The CLOR prepared volume calibration source identical to the cut slab of the meteorite delivered for analyses. The presence of 40K and the cosmogenic radionuclides such as 54Mn and 22Na was detected in the Baszkówka meteorite. The results and measurement method are discussed.



meteorite; radioactivity; gamma spectrometry

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