A study on chemical composition of Baszkówka and Mt. Tazerzait chondrites

Rajmund Dybczyński, Jadwiga Chwastowska, Bożena Danko, Krzysztof Kulisa, Halina Polkowska-Motrenko, Zbigniew Samczyński, Elżbieta Sterlińska, Zygmunt Szopa


The elemental  contents of  two new meteorites,  Baszkówka (Poland, 1994) and Mt.Tazerzait (Niger, 1991), were studied  by instrumental and radiochemical neutron activation analysis (NAA),  supplemented  in the case of some elements by gravimetric, titrimetric,  spectrophotometric and atomic absorption spectrometric  measurements.  In total 28 elements were determined for each meteorite.  A striking similarity in the bulk chemical composition of the two meteorites was observed.  In the case of Baszkówka  some study  of the elemental contents of the  magnetic fraction  and  the distribution of elements  between kamacite and taenite phases was also made. This  study  confirms  that  Baszkówka and Mt. Tazerzait are generally more similar  to L chondrites  than to any other  class of chondrites. However both meteorites  show also some distinctive features (e.g very low  Hg content), distinguishing them from all other  L chondrites  known.   Both meteorites may derive from a common parent body,  which may be different  from that typical for other chondrites.



Baszkówka and Mt.Tazerzait meteorites; chondrite; neutron activation analysis; speciation; cosmochemistry

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