Mineralogy of the Baszkówka chondrite (L5 S1): new data on silicates, opaques and minor minerals

Jerzy Borucki, Marian Stępniewski


The mineral composition of the Baszkówka meteorite comprises: olivine, pyroxenes, plagioclase, Fe,Ni metal, troilite and chromite with minor chlorapatite, whitlockite, magnetite, haematite, spinel, idaite, calcite and native Cu. A rare variety of spinel (picotite), probably the oldest among the minerals of Baszkówka, was identified in the only two chondrules named: panda and chevron. The composition of the olivine (Fa 26.2±1.8 wt.%) and the high degree of chondrite homogenisation, a result of thermal metamorphism, are consistent with earlier results and indicate the L5 group. No distinct shock effects were observed in Baszkówka, classified as S1. Troilite-Fe,Ni and Fe,Ni metal lumps are defined and interpreted as molten planetesimals impact splashes.



Baszkówka; meteorites; ordinary chondrites; minerals; spinel (picotite)

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