The Silurian of the Nida, Holy Cross Mts. and Radom areas, Poland — a review

Zdzisław Modliński, Bronisław Szymański


The Silurian deposits of the area are known from both natural exposures and boreholes drilled mainly in the period of 1955–1980. In the south (Nida area) and north (Radom region) they are known from boreholes only. The Silurian succession is monotonous. It comprises shaly deposites in the lower part (Llandovery and Wenlock), and shales, siltstones and sandstones (greywackes) in the upper part (Ludlow and Pridoli).



Holy Cross Mts.; Silurian; lithology; bio- and lithostratigraphy; lithofacies

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