Evolution of the Mid- to Late Pleistocene river network in the southeastern part of the Holy Cross Mountains

Leszek Lindner, Leonard Mastella, Julia Semil


Geological and palaeogeographic maps, geological cross sections, and longitudinal river profiles are used to reconstruct the evolution of the Pleistocene river network in the southwestern Mesozoic margin of the Holy Cross Mountains. Particular attention is drawn on the formation of the Wierna Rzeka gorge in the vicinity of Bocheniec. The gorge is of tectonic origin, and was inherited following glacifluvial flow during the Odranian (Wartanian?) Glaciation maximum, when the ice-front reached the Bukowa–Gnieździska–Łopuszno line, and during early retreat



SW margin of the Holy Cross Mts.; Mid- and Late Pleistocene; pre-Quaternary basement; ancient river valleys

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