The age of the oldest Scandinavian glaciations in mid-eastern Poland and southwestern Belarus

Leszek Lindner, Barbara Marciniak, Alexander A. Sanko, Galina K. Khursevich


Analysis of type localities of Pleistocene deposits from mid-eastern Poland (Kozi Grzbiet, Łuków, Biała Podlaska and Wilczyn) and southwestern Belarus (Smolarka and Postolovo) has provided a new view on the age, limits and correlation of the oldest Scandinavian glaciations in the area. Integration of  palaeontological data with determination of the Brunhes/Matuyama boundary (780 ka) at Kozi Grzbiet and Smolarka suggests that the first glaciation (Narevian) preceded this boundary and had a slightly smaller extent in SW Belarus than hitherto considered. The second glaciation (Nidanian) occurred slightly above or at this palaeomagnetic boundary. In Poland it is the first South Polish Glaciation, a till of which can be traced as far as the Holy Cross Mts. In SW Belarus it is represented by a till to the south of Brest and Bereza, and connected there with the oldest glaciation.



Poland; Belarus; Early Pleistocene; Scandinavian glaciations; stratigraphic correlation

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