Late Devonian magmatism in the Pripyat Palaeorift: a geodynamic model

Roman Y. Aizberg, Valery N. Beskopylny, Tatiana A. Starchik, Tamara K. Tsekoyeva


Late Devonian magmatism in the Pripyat Trough, Belarus was associated with the development of the intraplate Pripyat-Donets Palaeorift. Magmatic rocks belong to an alkali-ultrabasic–alkali-basaltoid suite. These are represented by explosive, effusive, subvolcanic and volcanic facies. The magmatic activity and rock composition changes from the periphery to the axial part of the Pripyat Trough, corresponding to the general trend of destructive processes in the rifting zone. Geodynamically, the Pripyat alkali-ultrabasic rocks represent a series of magmatic suites of the Pripyat-Donets palaeovolcanic region coinciding with a zone of disappearance of Late Devonian divergence processes in the south-west of the East European Craton.



Pripyat Palaeorift; Devonian; ultrabasic-alkaline magmatism; geodynamics; palaeovolcanoes; diatremes

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