A distinctive crouching theropod trace from the Lower Jurassic of Poland

Gerard G. Gierliński, Martin G. Lockley, Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki


A well-preserved, essentially complete and distinctive trace fossil of a crouching, medium-sized theropod dinosaur is reported from the northern slope of the Holy Cross Mountains, Poland. Crouching theropod traces are rare, and currently known from only six specimens from the Jurassic of North America and Asia. Thus, this new specimen adds a seventh specimen to the dinosaur track record. The specimen was found in the Early Jurassic (Late Pliensbachian) sandstones mined in the Szydłówek quarry, in the vicinity of Szydłowiec.



Poland; Holy Cross Mountains; Lower Jurassic; dinosaur crouching trace

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