Permian trepostome bryozoans from the Zechstein Main Dolomite (Ca2) of Western Poland and NE Germany

Urszula Hara, Andrej Ernst, Zbigniew Mikołajewski


The trepostome bryozoan Dyscritella microstoma Ernst, 2001 is reported for the first time from the Zechstein Main Dolomite (Ca2) of Poland and Germany. This species has been previously recognized in the older fossiliferous Zechstein Limestone (Ca1) of the North Sudetic Basin (Poland) and in the northern part of Germany. The Polish specimens derive from a few boreholes located in the Pomerania region and in the Wolsztyn High, both in the western part of Poland. The German material comes from a borehole on Rügen Island in Northeastern Germany. The present paper deals with the taxonomic description of D. microstoma and its distribution in the Main Dolomite deposits.



Western Poland; NE Germany; Bryozoa; Zechstein; Main Dolomite (Ca2); taxonomy

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