Geology and palynology of Vistulian Glaciation deposits in closed basins near Jutrosin (southern Wielkopolska), Poland

Teresa Kuszell, Jarosław Winnicki


Several closed, infilled basins dating from the last glaciation were found near Jutrosin in southern Wielkopolska. The  Nadstawem is site located 1.5 km south-east from the centre of Jutrosin. The basins are located within end morainic hills which date back to the Wartanian Glaciation. The deposits comprise clay and sand with frost structures interbedded with till, overlain by sand and silt with three organic beds. Palynological studies have enabled reconstruction of the plant communities. radiocarbon dating indicated about 38 700 BP for the lower organic bed without sporomorphs and ca. 29 000 BP for the upper two ones with a rich pollen spectrum. Hence, organic sedimentation ranged from the Hengelo Interstadial to the Denekamp Interstadial



southern Wielkopolska; Vistulian flora; interpleniglacial; stratigraphy

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