Comparison of diatom successions from Mazovian (Poland) and Alexandrian (Belarus) lacustrine interglacial deposits

Barbara Marciniak, Galina Khursevich


Comparative analysis of two profiles (Gvoznitsa, Malorita district, southwestern Belarus and Krępiec, Lublin Upland, eastern Poland) of Alexandrian and/or Mazovian (=Likhvinian, Holsteinian) age shows different diatom successions which are correlated with pollen data. Various species of Cyclotella, Stephanodiscus and Aulacoseira predominate at Gvoznitsa, while the diatom flora at Krępiec is more diverse and includes also Synedra, Asterionella, and Fragilaria taxa. Certain apparently extinct taxa of Cyclotella (C. comta var. lichvinensis (Jousé) Loginova, C. comta var. pliocaenica Krasske, C. temperiana (Loginova) Loginova, C. michiganiana var. parvula Loginova (C. parvula Loginova), are typical of the Mazovian and/or Alexandrian Interglacial



Poland; Belarus; Mazovian/Alexandrian (Likhvinian; Holsteinian) Interglacial; diatoms; succession; lake development

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