New saurischian dinosaur footprints from the Lower Jurassic of Poland

Gerard Gierliński, Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki


New Early Jurassic material of saurischian dinosaur footprints has been found in the coastal siliciclastic deposits of the Holy Cross Mountains. Seven specimens of medium-sized footprints, assigned to Anchisauripus sp., are reported from the upper Hettangian deposits at the Zapniów clay pit. Other finds of small-sized theropod footprints, identified as Grallator sp., were discovered in a new tracksite at the Śmiłów quarry, where the tracks are reported for the first time in the Polish Pliensbachian. Large theropod footprints of Kayentapus were first found at the upper Gromadzice site (deltaic deposits), and in Gliniany Las (barrier-lagoonal deposits), while the first Polish find of Otozoum came from the lower Gromadzice site (delta plain deposits).



Early Jurassic; saurischian dinosaur; tracks

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