Pterosaur tracks from the early Kimmeridgian intertidal deposits of Wierzbica, Poland

Grzegorz Pieńkowski, Grzegorz Niedźwiedzki


In the early Kimmeridgian (hypselocyclum Zone) tidal flat carbonate deposits cropping out in the large Wierzbica quarry at northern slope of the Holy Cross Mountains (20 km south of the town of Radom), characteristic Pteraichnus sp. tracks have been found. These tracks are assigned to pterosaurs and represent the first pterosaur ichnites found in Poland. Seven specimens of pterosaur tracks (pes and manus prints) are described, although no trackway can be observed. The manual prints are asymmetric, digitigrade and tridactyl. The pedal prints are elongate, symmetrical, plantigrade and functional-tetradactyl. Presence of pterosaur tracks point to subaerial conditions and supports the view that the Late Jurassic land, situated in Ukraine and Eastern Poland, temporarily extended to the northern part of the Holy Cross Mountains area



Poland, Upper Jurassic, tidal flat, pterosaur tracks

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