Pliocene freshwater pollen-bearing deposits in the Mizerna-Nowa borehole, West Carpathians, Poland

Krzysztof Birkenmajer, Elżbieta Worobiec


This paper describes sedimentology and palynology of freshwater plant-bearing late Cenozoic (Pliocene sensu lato) deposits drilled at Mizerna, the eastern part of the Nowy Targ Intramontane Depression, West Carpathians, South Poland. Our data were obtained from a newly-analysed 39-m thick succession from the Mizerna-Nowa borehole, containing spores, pollen and freshwater organic-walled algal micro-remains. They shed light on the palaeoenvironmental conditions of the Nowy Targ Intramontane Depression, where the Mizerna palaeolake once formed.



West Carpathians; Mizerna palaeolake; Pliocene; Deposits; Palaeoenvironment; Palynology

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