New magnetic anomalies of the Outer Carpathians in NE Slovakia and their relationship to the Carpathian Conductivity Zone

Ludovit Kucharič, Vladimír Bezák, Peter Kubeš, Vlastimil Konečný, Ján Vozár


A hitherto unknown magnetic anomaly has been detected in the framework of assembling magnetic picture of the Slovakian territory. The impressive magnetic object was recognized in the northeasternmost part of Slovakia within the area which is created by sediments of the Flysch belt. This is certain rarity because the Flysch sequence is practically without magnetic rocks. Due to this was obvious that anomaly is caused by an exotic rocks complex, intruded into Flysch sediments. The shape and the character of anomalous body indicated that source of anomaly is located in the shallow depth under surface relatively. The anomaly has been modelled in the 2D. Source of magnetic anomaly was interpreted as the product of Neogene volcanism – neck of intermediate rocks. Besides of this there were found out other minor anomalies within this area which might be caused also by smaller subvolcanic bodies. The Carpathian Conductivity Anomaly is located in the proximity of new observed magnetic anomalies. Due to this fact it is possible to open new view on the importance of this zone. In the case of justification of such interpretation the area might be interesting for its potential prognosis of hydrocarbons occurrence, metallogenetic prominence, as well as possibilities for underground storage of carbon dioxide.



Western Carpathians, Flysch belt, Magnetic anomalies, Subvolcanic bodies, Carpathian Conductivity Anomaly

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