A new Eemian Interglacial to Early Vistulian site at Łanięta, central Poland

Zofia BALWIERZ, Małgorzata ROMAN


The Łanięta site with fossil lake deposits issituated just in front of the maximum extent of Vistulian Glaciation ice. Palynological analysis shows that lake accumulation lasted through the Eemian Interglacial and almost the whole Early Vistulian, the longest record of this time interval in this part of Poand. Two warm interstadial-rank oscillations (Brörup and Odderade) and two stadials have been distinguished during the Early Vistulian. The older of these is correlated with the Herning Stadial while younger one equates with the Rederstal Stadial of the German succession


central Poland; Eemian Interglacial; Early Vistulian; lake sediments; palynostratigraphy

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