The maximum ice sheet limit of the Vistulian Glaciation in northeastern Polandand neighbouring areas



This paper outlines a new approach to reconstructing Vistulian ice sheet limits in NE Poland and adjacent areas of Lithuania and Belarus. It is based on geological investigations of landforms and deposits either of a hypothetical boundary to the Vistulian ice sheet limits. The main conclusions are: 1) the area was covered twice by the Vistulian ice sheet; the first time during the Swiecie Stadial (67-50 ka BP) and the second time during the Main Stadial (24-12 ka BP); 2) the limit of the older stadial was farther to the south a that of the younger one; 3) due to covering of the Eemian sediments by the ice sheet of the Swiecie Stadial the limit of the Vistulian Glaciation has moved about 15-20 km southwards


northeastern Poland; Vistulian Glaciation; Eemian Interglacial; ice sheet limit; tills

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